The Power of Nature: Energy of Mother Earth

The Power of Nature: Energy of Mother Earth

The Power of Nature’s Energy

When in need of a break, one of the best ways to switch off and recharge our batteries is undoubtedly a nice relaxing holiday.

Who doesn’t like escaping from the stress of every day life?

Personally, sipping cocktails by a pool or at a beach just isn’t appealing to me and as much as I enjoy a cultural holiday I find that I’m definitely in my element when surrounded by the energy of Mother Earth.

To experience the Power of Nature in its full force I went to Canada.
I had dreamt of going to Canada since I was 18. I held on to this vision for over 25 years but had endless doors slammed in my face and many disruptions slowed down my dream until this October, when it finally became real.


Why I regenerate through Nature

So I went to Canada to witness Nature during the Fall, at a time when the leaves and their surroundings express themselves in their own unique way through magnificent colours and calming visuals.

Living in a city like London means I can end up having to wrestle with cravings of cleansing and clarity while everything around me screams pollution and noise.
Often, I struggle to fend off “space invaders” and “energy vampires” and in my spare time I try not to get sucked into the whirlwind of life.

Being in Nature means I can turn down the volume of this modern life disharmony, until I can switch it off completely, connect to my source and leave all the trivial “fluff” behind me.

My trip to Canada made me closer to what’s real and what’s important and It reminded me fully and with no messing around that “The best things in life are free”.

I have nothing but gratitude for what I experienced while contemplating all that beauty before me.

There aren’t enough words in the english vocabulary that can transmute the emotions and sensations I experienced but I can say with confidence that I feel grounded, shielded from external attacks and in a clearer state of mind.

This is why I decided to let my pictures and videos speak for themselves.
I hope that The Power of Nature can help you feel restored through this visual medium in spite of the filter of modern technology.

Happy viewing!


 The Whirlpool Rapids at Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls – The Horseshoe


 Journey Behind the Falls


The Falls and the Sunshine


   Parc Linéare de la Rivière-Saint-Charles

Québec City




   Colourful Foliage

Vibrant Red


Shades of Orange


Warm Yellow


Cool Green


   St. Charles River



   The Kabir Kouba Waterfall



   Following the path to Nature


   Discovering Nature in Wendake


   Pool of Colours

Parc du Angrignon

   Parc Jean Drapeau

Ile de Notre Dame

  Jardin Botanique


  Lake Mount Royal



  Mount Royal Lake



  Fall at Mount Royal





Go… with the Wind

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