Songstry: songs and poetry

Songstry: songs and poetry

Can Songs be Poetry?

It’s been a while since I wrote a song; recently, though, I have consistently been coming across the theme of creativity. Often during Oracle card readings for someone else or because my connection to my creativity is calling me.

I just haven’t channelled my creativity to make music in a long while and all my songs have been sitting inside a folder gathering their thoughts on a shelf.

Today I decided to open up that folder and let them out.
I’ve always been shy about sharing my songs and it’s not because of some sort of innate arrogance but simply because songs for me were a way of working through whatever feelings I was experiencing at the time, so they are extremely personal to me.

But I took the decision to look at them in a different way and give them a new identity, without their melody.
I think, as lyrics, they stand on their own through their message that crosses borders between song and poetry, a space where they exist interconnected, where they can become one: Songstry.

Most of the songs I wrote were pretty sharp, sad and angry almost with a tinge of hopelessness about them with a few fun exceptions through which my love of nonsense would come out, inspired by something I’d heard or saw or experienced.

One Eyed© for instance is about a friend who was about to have laser surgery to correct his sight as he was almost blind in one eye. I thought I could give the whole situation a light-hearted feel.

song lyrics


Songstry as healing

While sorting out all the lyrics I realised that for most of my songs I could remember back to what inspired them and that I could feel back to how I was feeling when I wrote them.

This particular one, Dark Lady, was about that dark cloak that envelops all of us every now and then when we can’t see a way out, no matter how hard we try. But, it’s not all doom and gloom: I can now see its power in the self-analysing approach and would describe this song as self-reflecting rather than desperate. It’s questioning whether carrying on to view life in a certain way will ever get us anywhere.

When I read it back now, I recognise and appreciate those feelings of despair.
I am also aware that evidently, giving birth to those words did exactly what it was supposed to do: let me work through those feelings while at the same time create something new in the shape of a song.

Once you’re through, you’re out.

I’d like to share these lyrics, including the original sheets that show my writing process. This is a big deal to me. It means putting myself out there and speaking my truth. It also shows that only in recognising and working through whatever it is that’s slowing us down can we move forward.

Dark Lady©

First verse

song writing

Sprouting from sleep as the dawn comes to close
and the bed wants to take you away
Ride on the storm as the day comes to form
while begrudgingly wanting to stay

Stepping outside on a day not so bright
when the earth wants to swallow you whole
Running on legs as if you only had one 
while the wind blows you away from the shore

When more hours won’t do
and that breeze on your face feels so crude
When the time steals the day
spent avoiding the crowds and the grey

More and more and more and more…

Will there ever be hope for someone
when they can only see what they’re not
Will there ever be hope for the one
who takes and takes and never gets stopped


song processsong composingsong composing

Second verse

Spending a life having too little change
it’s a game you don’t want to play
Drink from a glass that’s been emptied by you
can come back and torment you for days

When you’re quick to conclude
that the world doesn’t follow its rules
And despite what you think
no one cares if you drop dead and sink

More and more and more and more…

Should there be any hope for someone
who likes choosing dark over the sun
Should there be redemption for who
never sees that the glass is half full

When the others don’t want you around
and what’s lost can never be found
and it dawns on you it’s really too late
that’s the moment you fall to your fate


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