Keep Karma and Carry On – Karma made simple

Keep Karma and Carry On – Karma made simple


We hear about Karma all the time and it’s mostly associated with the idea of punishment; “something” that comes back almost as a boomerang to haunt us… but Karma is an abstract concept that goes far beyond this sneaky label and its negative connotation because there’s bad Karma and good Karma.



Karma is the Sanskrit word for “action”. It’s the law of cause and effect that states that our thoughts, intentions and actions shape our every day life and create our future through a certain vibration with potential consequences: if our actions are harmonious, loving and energetically positive the same kind of results will come back to us.



This is why the opposite is also true: like attracts like, so our negative vibes will only attract more of the same.

For every event that occurs, another event will follow that was caused by the first, and the second event will be pleasant or unpleasant due to an indirect relation to its cause”

 When we take action we are responsible for that action. We make choices through everything we think, feel, say and/or do. These choices send out ripples of energy and their outcome come back to us as good or bad karma.

 Everything is energy and we are energy too.

Karma can guide us through life if we are willing to listen to its wise words.




    What you sow is what you will reap

You wake up in the morning and whilst making your coffee you accidentally drop the sugar pot on the floor. You’re running late and you’re pissed off because you washed your car yesterday and now it just started to rain. On top of that, on your way to work, you only come across red lights at every junction. That’s it; you decide to go about your day in a bad mood. It’s guaranteed that things will go bad for the rest of the day… or you could just decide to turn your day around in spite of all these obstacles and set yourself to think differently.
It’s only when we flick our positive switch on that things will start going our way.


    What we focus on is what we create

Have you ever driven your car to the city centre expecting not to find a parking space? You normally end up going around in circles getting annoyed because there’s nowhere to park. Furthermore, once you spot a space someone else usually gets there before you. At this point it’s quite obvious that the world is against you, and only you, right? How about driving to your destination knowing that parking won’t be an issue and that if it really is that busy, someone, at the right time, just when you need it, will be leaving their parking space to you?



    Accept what is, let go of what was and make changes towards what will be

Picture this (we’ve all done at some point or another): you have a bad argument with someone and end up harbouring your anger towards that person for hours if not days maybe even lying in bed at night re-hashing the conversation over and over, wishing you could have said more or said something different that could have given you a more cinematic exit or put more of your point across. Anything we refuse to accept will continue indefinitely. If we keep seeing something or someone as the enemy, that energy will be harboured within us.
We need to learn to let go and choose to make changes.



    Our own growth is above any circumstance

When you meet people who spend their time complaining about how everything in their life is absolute poo you wish you had a magic wand to make them change the way they deal with a situation, but really, it is not your job to fix their ways if they haven’t gone through their own life-steps. It would be like using a plaster to cover a wound that never heals. We only have control on what we think, feel, say and how we react to any situation.
We cannot change others but only ourselves.


    Our lives are of our doing, nothing else

You go to the post office, the bank, the supermarket and you only encounter rude people. You park on a double yellow line and find a big fat parking-fine on your windscreen when you get back. I could go on forever but if you keep blaming someone else or your luck for what happens in your life you’re effectively handing over your power to something or someone else. When something is not going right in our lives is because we are mirroring something that’s inside of us. When we start changing within, everything on the outside falls into place.


    Everything in the Universe is connected, both large and small

Suppose you live in a 10-storey building that has no lift (forget for a moment about the fact that it’s against the law not to have one in a building that tall).
You rush out to go to work in the morning, you’re just about to step outside when you remember you left your car keys upstairs. The thought of having to climb all those stairs is daunting and almost unthinkable. You only have one option, unless you fancy climbing the outside of the building at the risk of falling off it. Your option is to walk up those stairs until you reach your flat. One two, three, four steps and so on and you get to the fifth floor. Ok, you still have another 5 floors to go but if you turn around you’ll see that you’ve just left 5 floors behind and you’re half way up to your destination. Never underestimate the importance of a small action: it can change any circumstance and that’s our reward. Every step, even the smallest one, to go from start to finish has the greatest significance. Past, present and future are all connected.


    One cannot direct attention beyond a single task

Think back to a time when you desired to travel more or you simply wanted more money and all the while you were jealous of what someone else had. The moment we want to achieve something and we let fear, greed, anger get the better of us that’s when we lose our path. Let’s give our full attention to our desired task.
We can’t think of two opposites at the same time, as we will only sabotage ourselves.


    Demonstrating our selflessness shows true intentions

Selflessness is a virtue but only if we use it to help people other than ourselves. For instance, don’t just say “Call me anytime you need to talk” if when the person needs your help and calls you for real you turn the phone off or divert the call to voicemail. When we believe in something sooner or later we’ll be called upon to prove that belief. It’s almost impossible to obtain spiritual growth without selflessness.


    History repeats itself unless changed

History will repeat itself until we learn its lessons from it.

A clear example is what is happening around the world with the recent acts of terrorism: there are no clear and substantial changes and the result is that people continue to die. We usually find out straight after that the terrorists were known to the authorities, extra police forces are placed around the city for a few days to reassure all citizens and then the cycle starts over. The only way not to repeat the past is to inject true commitment to change in everything we do. Einstein used to say:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”


    The present is all we have

We can’t change the past so there’s no point dwelling on it. Learn from it and move on.
Don’t stress out about the future, you would only be worrying about something that has not happened yet. So be here and now because old thoughts, old patterns and regrets as well as fear of the future stop us from advancing and evolving. When we regret not going to university, choosing a different job and a different life path or worrying about how we will pay our bills and our mortgage/rent if we lose our job for one reason or another we are only obsessing about things that have gone forever or that might not happen in the first place.


    Nothing of value is created without a patient mind-set

Happiness is the realisation of our destiny whether our dream is big or small but the true joy is the direct result of the effort and patience that we put into it. Rewards are not the end results. Just like when an artist paints or a musician writes a song, our passion and love for what we do is what drives us and what brings great outcomes.


    The best reward is one that contributes to the Whole

Many people choose their comfort zone, they stop being curious and they can’t evolve.

For instance, they identify themselves with their job and their past rather than choosing to grow and contributing to bring life and inspire the Whole. What we put out energetically contributes to the entire Universe. Even the smallest contribution counts: from smiling to someone who’s having a bad day to lending your time to someone who needs a friend or from giving up your seat on the bus to sharing your art if you are an artist. Anything we put into the universe has an impact on everything and everyone.

















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