I Am Deserving – I always have a choice

From “Mirror Work” by Louise Hay

“Sometimes we refuse to put any effort into creating a good life for ourselves because we believe that we don’t deserve it. The belief that we don’t deserve it may come from our early childhood experiences. We might be buying into someone else’s concept or opinion that has nothing to do with our own reality.

Deserving has nothing to do with being good. It is our unwillingness to receive the good in life that gets in the way. Allow yourself to accept the good, whether you think you deserve it or not.”




“Most of us have foolish ideas about who we are and many rigid rules about how life should be lived. Let’s remove the word should from our vocabulary forever. Should is a word that makes prisoners of us. Every time we use should, we are making ourselves wrong or someone else wrong. We are, in effect, saying: not good enough.

What can be dropped now from your should list? Replace the word should with the word could.

Could lets you know that you have a choice, and choice is freedom. We need to be aware that everything we do in life is done by choice.

There is really nothing we have to do.

We always have a choice“.





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