Born to be Wonder Woman

Born to be Wonder Woman

Imagine a Woman


Imagine a woman who believes it is right and good she is a woman.
A woman who honours her experience and tells her stories.
Who refuses to carry the sins of others within her body and life.

Imagine a woman who trusts and respects herself.
A woman who listens to her needs and desires.
Who meets them with tenderness and grace.

Imagine a woman who acknowledges the past’s influence on the present.
A woman who has walked through her past.
Who has healed into the present.

Imagine a woman who authors her own life.
A woman who exerts, initiates, and moves on her own behalf.
Who refuses to surrender except to her truest self and wisest voice.

Imagine a woman who names her own gods.
A woman who imagines the divine in her image and likeness.
Who designs a personal spirituality to inform her daily life.

Imagine a woman in love with her own body.
A woman who believes her body is enough, just as it is.
Who celebrates its rhythms and cycles as an exquisite resource.

Imagine a woman who honours the body of the Goddess in her changing body.
A woman who celebrates the accumulation of her years and her wisdom.
Who refuses to use her life-energy disguising the changes in her body and life.

Imagine a woman who values the women in her life.
A woman who sits in circles of women.
Who is reminded of the truth about herself when she forgets.

Imagine yourself as this woman.

Patricia Lynn Reilly


A Woman’s power

Remember that quote “We are all Wonder Woman”?

I often wonder what the world would be like if every woman in the four corners of the world realised her rooted potential within.

I came across the poem Imagine a Woman recently while reading M. Well’s Hungry for More.
This poem touched me deeply because author Patricia Lynn Reilly “sings” her words with such a loud and courageous voice while sounding soothing and encouraging.

Its power lies in an inner truth that’s the backbone of its message. It’s our true-self that we as women often obscure because we don’t want to disturb the peace.
We don’t want to tip the scales.

Our true-self is right there within our essence, we just have to own it.

At times we are so busy tirelessly working in the background that it never occurs to us to step into the forefront.

When we own our power we step forward with grace and elegance, compassion and objectivity. We love and nurture, respect in battle and win with fairness.

A Woman’s Hidden Beauty

So, what a lovely synchronicity to pull the card ‘Hidden Beauty’ from the Journey of Love Oracle Card deck today!

Firstly, It’s interesting to note that this card number is 45.
In Numerology terms this is a 9 (adding 4+5). This number more than any other has a global consciousness and understands the connections between all people. It’s tolerant, non-judgemental and conscious and it seems to have a more feminine side to it as it’s loving and empathetic.

Hidden Beauty tells us that there’s more to be revealed beyond the beauty in front of us.

Trying to force the vision would only prevent us from seeing what is being revealed. So, all we need to do is pay attention and be patient. Wait and then let the vision come alive so we can witness what was once hidden.

We might think that we’re seeing the whole picture but it’s only when we start to look deeper that we can see something that can bring us much joy, hope and reassurance.

There is a more beautiful perspective that affirms and nourishes us and all involved in the situations of our lives that are puzzling us at present. Let’s be mindful of this and relax.

Most importantly, all is as it is meant to be and soon we’ll be able to see it too.



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